November 18th, 2016


Production has just wrapped on a fourth season of the award-winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts and the production team couldn’t be more thrilled. While a fourth season of any comedy in Canada is unfortunately something of a rarity, a fourth season, five years after the production of season three, is extraordinary. APTN will be picking the series back up due to popular demand and bringing more of the pop culture spoofs and biting social commentary back to their lineup.

When news of the renewal broke, the excitement amongst the CAUTION team was high.

“When the cast found out, they were thrilled.” Camille Beaudoin, Executive Producer stated. “It’s been five years, and many of them have started new careers, had kids, and even moved cities, so I wasn’t counting on getting our whole original cast back.  But they all bent over backward to make themselves available for the shoot because they love the show.”

Fortunately, the entire original Season 3 cast were able to rejoin the show (except for Ryan Parker, who was engaged on another project, but made sure to make a guest appearance). The 13 episode season stars Howie Miller, Sheldon Elter, Matt Alden, Aimée Beaudoin, Mark Meer, Jeff Halaby, James Higuchi and Dana Andersen. Newcomers Joleen Ballendine and Jesse Lipscombe join the cast this season, along with a host of talented day players, all from the world class Edmonton theatre and improv scene.

Joining the cast in select episodes are two of the loftiest in Canadian comedy royalty: Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) and Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?). Look for McDonald as a shopping mall security guard tangling with 17th century pirates who have been magically transplanted into West Edmonton Mall; Mochrie will be playing a series of characters in a special episode including a court jester, a space fleet Admiral, and a passenger in Delmer’s ride share.

Production has taken place entirely in the Edmonton area, in such unique locations as West Edmonton Mall, Fort Edmonton Park, and the Devonian Botanical Gardens. In a single episode, the CAUTION fan will be able to travel back in time to the wild west, explore the outer reaches of space aboard the U.S.B Warp Drive, fight crime with the superhero Canadian Contenders, then go for dinner with a family of clowns. And of course, fan favorites Delmer and Marta are also returning to their CAUTION: May Contain Nuts roots, a little wiser and a little savvier, and maybe even a little funnier.

Season 4 is scheduled to air in the fall of 2017 on APTN but as an exclusive preview, a series of some of the best Season 4 sketches will be released online in the spring.

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Wins Three Awards at the Rosies

May 14th, 2012


CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Wins Three Awards at the Rosies

Mosaic took home Rosie Awards for Best Editor, Best Art Direction and Best Makeup

EDMONTON, May 14, 2012— Mosaic Entertainment has returned to Edmonton with three Rosies in hand from the Alberta Film and Television Awards in Calgary this weekend. CAUTION:May Contain Nuts took home awards for three craft categories: Myron Hyrak for Best Production Designer, Prudence Olenik for Best Make-up Artist, and Sarah Taylor for Best Editor. This was the third season of the acclaimed original series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, a sketch comedy show written, produced and edited entirely by local Edmonton crew.

Executive Producer, Camille Beaudoin was ecstatic after the wins. “We have such an incredible crew and we’re so happy that they were recognized among such distinguished fellow finalists.  We’ve been nominated for Geminis, Canadian Comedy Awards, and even the international Banff Rockies, but it really feels special to be recognized in our home province of Alberta.”

The Alberta Media Production Industry Association held the 38th annual Rosie Awards at the Hyatt in Calgary this Saturday night. Edmonton productions were well represented at the awards including CAUTION: May Contain Nuts and E-Town by Mosaic Entertainment were both nominated for Best Dramatic Series alongside Edmonton production Blackstone, and Calgary productions Heartland and Hell on Wheels. CAUTION: May Contain Nuts garnered the most nominations of any production with 12 nods for its third season with APTN: Best Dramatic Series, Best Digital Cross Platform Production, Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity, Best Director, Best Performance by an Alberta Actress, Best Screenwriter, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Original Music Score, Best Production Designer/Art Direction, Best Costume Designer, and Best Make-up Artist.

Created and produced by Mosaic Entertainment, CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is jam packed with sketches that jump from the wild west to space, from farce to parody to musical comedy all at a break neck pace.  The nominated and winning episodes have a range of hilarious sketches including a door to door visit from the Jedi Witnesses, a wizard battling a drug problem, and a special song about the love certain men have for big trucks.

Season Three of CAUTION was shot in Edmonton in late May 2011 and debuted on APTN in January 2012. This season features Oscar-nominated special guest star Graham Greene(Dances With Wolves, North of 60) who appears in a Nuts spoof of the entrepreneur reality show Dragon’s Den, also television star Adam Beach(Combat Hospital, Arctic Air) as well as Shaun Johnston(Heartland).  These three amazing actors have joined the ranks of CAUTION’S growing guest star list that includes such celebrities as Joe Flaherty (SCTV, Happy Gilmore), Tyson Houseman (The Twilight Saga), and the late great Gordon Tootosis (North of 60, Legends of the Fall).

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I Finally Made a Poopie

March 25th, 2012


After two years of living in Vancouver, whining and bitching about how hard it
is, feeling angry and sad and pathetic and telling everyone that stand-up comedy was what I wanted to do next, I finally did it.

I hate being that person that constantly talks about what they want to do and never does it.  In truth I’ve been talking about how I want to do stand-up for about 5 years.  Ever since I was cast on CAUTION: May Contain Nuts and thought, hey, if (my talented co-star) Howie Miller can do it, and knows me, and we are on the same
TV show and everything, then maybe I can do it too!

The fear is the worst part.  People can say that it is just a monologue, just another performance. They can snark that I have a degree in performance and have been doing it professionally for the last 7 years and that really there is no difference from a theatre monologue to a stand-up set.

But they’re wrong. The difference is about as huge as my husband’s penis.

You’re alone in stand-up, terribly alone, and you have to be terribly real.  You can’t hide behind a character, or vocal technique or script analysis.  You can’t blame the playwright, dramaturg or director.

All you have is yourself, your lipgloss, a crowd of strangers and a few drunk friends from which you hope not to hear forced laughter.

I did have a few (23) friends come out to support me at the show on Monday.  I am blessed.  There were 15 comics and I went 9th.  A pretty great spot I would say, allowing the crowd to get the right buzz on for my butthole jokes.

About 7 of the 8 comics before me bombed.  This made me even more nervous.  But if they killed It that would have also made me nervous.  My husband’s order of edamame beans was making me nervous.  I couldn’t even drink my rye ginger I was so nervous.  I don’t even know why I ordered rye, I never drink rye.  Nervous.

While standing in the corner in the backroom going over my set the headliner came up  to me, tapped me on the shoulder and smirkingly asked “Are you practicing?”.  I said “No, I’m just standing in the corner because I’ve been a bad girl.”  That was
weird, but he was hilarious so I forgave him.

Before going on I decided to bring my lipgloss up with me for that coveted spot on the stool.  Most of the comics brought up beers or waters but I knew if I had my MAC Plum 321 standing up there beside me, it would give me more security than any amount of Granville Island Winter Ale.

Afterwards, absolutely vibrating, I came off the stage
and pretty much collapsed on the bar.  I finally did it.  I loved it, and I
don’t think the crowd minded me too much at all ;)

I’ll let you know how it goes when I don’t have 23 friends in the audience.

Aimée Beaudoin

NUTS in your FACE!

January 28th, 2012


Ahhh yes. The first blog of I, Matt Alden.

For many a year people have enquired as to why I have never written a blog. To that I  answer….I dunno. I guess I’ll write one. Eventually.

And eventually came! Right now in fact. It’s here. In the present. My present to you
is eventually.

Man. I suck at these. But let me talk ever so quick about our new website! We have material from every season hitting the website every week! I love the Behind the Scenes stuff. When you film for long hours you end up often with little to do. All of us sitting around as lights are changed or the set is moved. And the worst part is we were sitting around in great costumes next to great looking surroundings just… waiting.  Samurai’s by a river. Cowboys in an old town. Wizards at a fort. Waiting.

So this time we had the idea of a BEHIND THE SCENES CREW! A second film crew stripped down to the bare essentials: one camera man, one sound guy and a director. This group spent the long filming days with us doing extra sketches, intro’s and extro’s, hours of improv on and off the set, and of course sketches we wrote on the spot.

Behind The Scenes became the most important difference to this year’s season and it shows. But the best part is all the material we have for the website. Hours of new stuff will keep hitting our website so keep checking in every week.


Howie and Family

January 25th, 2012


Well being on tv is not a new thing for me or my family.  If you remember
the “Howie and Son’s” sketch we did in season two.  CBC has made a documentary
series that featured my whole family and I.
It’s a great series and I’m super proud of it.
I’m also working on several things as a writer.  Two movie scripts and one
short one to do with zombies.  Fun fun fun.
Season 3 is my favorite so far and I hope to show some of the Fantasy and
Space sketches at the Calgary Entertainment Expo this year.  I’ll be hosting a
special “Geek Show” at Yuk Yuks the week of the expo.  April 26th- to
Well that’s really all for me now.  My boys are great.  Tyson is in
Montreal at school, Todd is wowing audiences with Rapid Fire Theatre, Kieran is
graduating grade 12 this year and Kyle is in Costa Rica.

Can You Blanche More Than Just Your Asshole?

January 9th, 2012


The first episode of Season Three played while I served Alberta Genuine Draft to unknowing British Columbians at the seedy bar I work at (we call it our “House Lager”).  I use the word seedy because there’s a fight every weekend and the bathrooms have a constant smell of poo as per all the coke people do inside them. (Because when you do drugs you poo a lot.)

But I make good money and I only work four nights a week which allows me time to play with my actor friends and write in my notebook and party and walk my fur-bucket.

Anyhoo, the job and cheap beer swilling doesn’t matter as CAUTION: May Contain Nuts always plays again at late night and I saw it when I came home at 12am.

I have to say I was sort of dreading the truck-wash bikini scene.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my body in all its juiciness. It was more my pale, PALE, un-sunsmooched-body-bag I was worried about.  Thankfully the sketch/song was just white trash enough that it worked!  Almost like I had been cast perfectly for the role!

Really the casting went like this:

Int. Writers Room- Day
Matt Alden and Aimée Beaudoin sit sipping Bud Light Lime as the sun sets in the big beautiful windows of our new studio.  Matt is discussing extras with background casting director Shannon Ball.                                                                                                       Matt- (turning) Hey Aimée, do you want to be one of the bikini girl extras? You into washing a truck in a bikini?                                                                                                               Me- (immediately) Yes.
Rachel Livingstone our Supervising Producer and overall Women’s Libber (and a big supporter of me doing only main female roles) shakes her head and slides down in her desk dejectedly.

What can I say? I loves me as much screen time as possible!  Fortunately, when watching my scantily cad truck-wash sex dance I had my loving husband beside me.  His eyes grew wide, he looked at me and said “whoa sweety!” And I was pleased that he was pleased, albino muffin tops or not.

The whole episode was pleasing, and not just my ass rubbing a flare-side truck.  I hadn’t seen any of Season Three yet and I can’t wait to see more.  We’re getting better…I think its our year this year. Bitches.


Welcome to our brand-new uber cool website

December 1st, 2011


That’s right Nuts! Welcome to our brand-new über cool website. It’s so cool we have to use “über” to describe it. You smell that kids? Nothing like that new website smell. Smells like a mix of baby unicorns and bacon. Breathe it in, that’s the stuff. Ahhhhh….

Let’s get right to news of all things Nuts shall we? Ring in the New Year and give your 2012 meaning by tuning into the CAUTION: May Contain Nuts Season 3 premiere!  Our hilarious new season will premiere across Canada on January 5th on APTN, check your local listings .  We recommend you move your New Year’s Eve party to coincide with our premiere.  Sure, it’s five days later….or are you 360 days early for the following year?

While you’re on this internet contraption checking out our shiny new website, be sure to check out our other new site for our insanely popular fan favourites Delmer and Marta. This spiff-tastic new site boasts wall to wall carpeting, central A/C, hardwood floors, and 2.5 baths. No – not really, but it really does have a fortune telling app where your future is predicted by our own Delmer and Marta!

Don’t forget kids – the Season 2 DVD of CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is now available on our merchandise page.  We strongly suggest you pick up two, maybe three, or seventeen copies.  Hand them out like business cards.  Give them out at Halloween instead of candy.  Buy one for every room of your house including the closets, and maybe that drawer you have, you know that drawer you can never figure out what to put in there so it just remains kind of empty except for a movie ticket stub, a broken pencil and $2.37 in American coins you can’t figure out how to get rid of.  Wait, what were we saying? Oh yeah; buy our Season 2 DVD!!!

Howie at the CCMA’s

September 14th, 2010


I’ve been truly blessed in my life. Meeting my wife Jen in highschool, having 4 awesome sons, doing a job that I love for a career, writing and acting on an awesome show, and getting to do cool things like warming up the crowd for the 2010 Canadian Country Music Awards. I have a great group of friends in the show biz industry and sometimes it pays off. I was asked to be the warm up act at Rexall place for the awards show and I also had to do the commercial break entertainment. Not the easiest of jobs since I have to start out cold every break. Everyone seemed to like what I did and I’ve made alot of you new friends in the music industry. I got a little emotional when I looked up at the seats where I sat as a young boy watching the Oilers kick ass not to mention when Grant Fuhr took the stage to present an award. I was super freaked about doing the show because I’ve done similar events in the past but with not as many people. I didn’t think I would get the audience, ie. win them over but I did. It helped out alot that my crew from Caution May Contain Nuts was there helping out with the event. Rose and Tammy, who do Martas hair were knee deep in Country stars. Jill was making sure everyone looked western. Terry was working on the stage. Randy was in charge of the seat fillers. All the guys from CBC that I’ve done shows for in the past. It was like a reunion of sorts and that made it so much better. It’s so nice to shake hands with people/fans and tell them about Caution Season Two, because I’m super proud of it and I know we’re going to have alot more viewers now.

Yours Wicked Awesomely
Hot Action Hollywood Howie Miller

You Can’t Do That On Television

September 1st, 2010


Ryan’s Blog

May 13th, 2010



On set.
In front of a camera.
Is the best…
When he doesn’t know what he is going to say.

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Howies Blog 07/04/2010

April 7th, 2010


Hello everyone, I hope you had a great Easter holiday watching our Easter Song..Jesus is Everything. Thinking about it in hindsight I like Jesus’s style. Bringing the masses together. Teaching the people. Giving them something to believe in. Get in, get out,(died, resurrected) a man alone. It’s like me and my stand-up. I travel the world meeting new people and deliver a message of laughter and teach people how to open their minds to new and funny ideas. I get in, get out, and I’m usually alone. I have yet to die..on stage, well, unless you want to bring up Fairview, Alberta. But hold on, I’m not saying I’m like Jesus or more popular than him, or the Beatles, or the Bea-Arthurs, I’m just saying I like his style. Oh and btw Ryan, about the picture of me in the chair. I’m Howie fricken Miller..LOL. When Seldon isn’t there I have to represent the native factor and try to maintain a certain amount of area,Land! I know, I know, I take up alot of area. Look for me in Season 1 of Caution as the Ball in the Indiana Jones/Tim Hortons sketch…oh wait can I say that? I mean the Arizona Smith/Jim Fortons sketch..there..whew. Millzone OUT!

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Oil Can (Ryan Parker’s Blog)

April 6th, 2010


Going to work is like play time.
We dress up, and make jokes.
Some of them aren’t aloud on T.V.
Some of them shouldn’t be on T.V.
Some of them should be on T.V.

We don’t decide.
That’s not our job.
Our job is to be funny.

This video is funny.
It’s not on T.V.
But it is on your screen.
And that’s good enough for me.

Oil Can