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Despite what his photo may lead you to believe, Mark is not a zombie. However, he IS a fan of them and their work. Other nerdy interests include comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, action figure collecting, gaming, horror movies and H.P. Lovecraft…. so he didn’t have a whole lot of sex in high school, but advises other geeks to hang in there. It gets waaaaay better.

In case you’re wondering – yes, he’s the same Mark Meer who stars as the voice of the player character Commander Shepard in Bioware’s Mass Effect series. He’s pretty excited about that, and looks forward to getting as much mileage as he can out of it on the convention circuit. I mean, seriously – he’s the kind of guy who’d PAY to go to those things, and now they want to pay HIM to attend?!? Holy freakin’ crap. Other past Bioware voice work for Mark includes Baldur’s Gate: Throne of Bhaal, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes Of The Underdark, Jade Empire, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Awakenings, and Dragon Age II.

Mark has extensive experience in what experts term “the japes” and “the make-em-ups,” known as sketch comedy and improv to the layperson. He’s a founding member of the sketch/improv comedy troupe Gordon’s Big Bald Head, and a core company member of both the Canadian Comedy Award-winning improvised soap opera Die-Nasty and the world-renowned Rapid Fire Theatre. He has performed across the globe, including appearances at Just for Laughs in Montreal, Berlin’s International Improv Festival, and the annual London Improvathon. He hosts the Varscona Theatre’s monthly improv variety/talk show Oh Susanna! and is a performer and writer on CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show. Mark is the recipient of an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Best Supporting Actor, and has been nominated for several Canadian Comedy Awards, including Best Male Improvisor.

Mark is always utterly delighted by the opportunity to write about himself in the third person.

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