The Slightly Epic Story of CAUTION: May Contain Nuts.

In the beginning, there was Blacklisted, a sketch comedy troupe of epic proportions; a seasoned ensemble of warriors. These men honed their craft in front of playhouses of fifty, filled to the capacity throngs of ten. Taking their talents to the comedic battleground of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, their throngs grew en masse to sold out performances. The razor sharp edge of their humour would sometimes offend the delicate sensibilities of the meek, causing them to storm out overwhelmed.

Alas, at the apex of their sketch comedy pinnacle, misfortune reared its ugly head. Sheldon, a founding member of the Blacklisted troupe became enticed by the shiny fame demon known as Canadian Idol. Traveling to the city of Toronto, he was detained by the forces known as “The Idol Top14.”

Meanwhile, the men of Blacklisted soldiered on in the face of this adversity, by replacing Sheldon with a life sized cardboard version, maintaining the structure of their tightly knit company in theory but not in body.

As is often the case, when our dreams of fortune and glory are at their zenith, the fickle fame fairy waved her wand, and Sheldon was cut from “Idol” right before the finalists moved into a mansion and met Nelly Furtado. Whisked back to Edmonton, Sheldon re-joined his Blacklisted comrades only after barely defeating his cardboard doppelganger in a Thunder-dome-esque death match to prove his loyalty.

With his loyalty proven and his acceptance back into Blacklisted, Sheldon soon landed another television role, this time on the show Hank Williams: First Nation. His remaining Blacklisted compatriots were devastated at the loss of their founding member once again. But, at the bottom of the deepest darkest pit of despair, Sheldon found his heroic redemption at a chance meeting with a group of young budding producers called Mosaic Entertainment Inc., who were interested in changing the landscape of sketch comedy as they knew it… which wasn’t much, but it was the beginning and things in the beginning are always smaller.

The producers approached Sheldon with the purpose to cull a new brethren for the shows cast – a new “Fellowship of the Sketch” so to speak. Sheldon, remembering his Blacklisted brethren, said “Uhhh, I already got some brethren. Maybe we could just use my brethren? ‘Cause they’re seasoned brethren…and that’s better then getting together a new brethren.” And then the producers were like, “Well, we kinda already had one brethren in mind; his name’s Howie Miller and he’s one funny dude,” and then Sheldon was all like “Ah shit, I know that guy, he’s totally my brethren too, for sure.”

(Meanwhile Howie was dropping a ring off somewhere far away or something).

And so it was that Sheldon and his brethren met one other brethren, then added a few more brethren (Aimée, Mark and James to be exact), and they all became CAUTION: May Contain Nuts.